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Lego * Giant * NES controller



Built by Baron Julius A. von Brunk : July - December 2012  Photos by Gene Kennish : December 30, 2012

My most ambitious LEGO creation yet: a large 5-foot sculpture of a retro Nintendo Entertainment System controller - that’s actually rigged up with wires and switches to…



Classic Gaming Lego Mosaic 

Thats right, this awesome piece was created entirely using LEGO. There’s a spreadsheet you can use to make this yourself too.

Created by Soma

Wow man. Very awesome as I’ve played all of those games!-MBG

(via mattsbrickgallery)

This guy continues to come up with the best concepts and then makes them! A transforming Pokemon game cartridge! I don’t even know how to write that up, but I know it belongs right here!


New Nintendoformer - “Moltron”, a replica Pokémon Red cartridge that transforms into a futuristic robotic version of legendary bird Moltres!

Using the same basic transformation cycle, construction and label-application method as my Tetris game bird Tetrawing, this robot is part of a new series I’m making of Game Boy games that turn into legendary birds. I sort of jumped the gun with this one, as I planned on making all three original birds simultaneously: Articuno as Pokémon Blue and Zapdos as Pokémon Yellow — which are currently awaiting their remaining pieces to arrive in the mail from Stay tuned, kids!

-Baron von Brunk

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