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I feel like I’ve posted this before…


Transforming Chrome icon by Z-studios.

I feel like I’ve posted this before…


Transforming Chrome icon by Z-studios.


Disney Meets Voltron

Today, Bandai announced the above Super Alloy King Robo: Mickey and Friends which is slated to drop next March in Japan for ¥13,440 (US$169). The 22cm figure is made up of robot versions of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, Pluto’s doghouse, and Steamboat Willie makes up the head.

This guy continues to come up with the best concepts and then makes them! A transforming Pokemon game cartridge! I don’t even know how to write that up, but I know it belongs right here!


New Nintendoformer - “Moltron”, a replica Pokémon Red cartridge that transforms into a futuristic robotic version of legendary bird Moltres!

Using the same basic transformation cycle, construction and label-application method as my Tetris game bird Tetrawing, this robot is part of a new series I’m making of Game Boy games that turn into legendary birds. I sort of jumped the gun with this one, as I planned on making all three original birds simultaneously: Articuno as Pokémon Blue and Zapdos as Pokémon Yellow — which are currently awaiting their remaining pieces to arrive in the mail from Stay tuned, kids!

-Baron von Brunk

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Do you like Transformers?

Do you own an iphone 4/4s/3gs?

Then you can find my awesome minimalist Transformers iphone case in four different characters on society6 right here


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Braylon Edwards * Cake * Ceasar * Transformers


Braylon Edwards’ birthday cake -

Christian Bale * Powerpuff Girls Theme * Marky Mark * Transformers


Christian Bale sings the Powerpuff Girls theme song…and Marky Mark sings “The Touch.” Neat.