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… or should we call them Abrams cookies?  These delicious mash-ups combine our two favorite franchises, Star Trek and Star Wars into one delicious cast of characters.

Star Trek * Star Wars * Cookies * Blasphemy!

Spock * Octopus * Plush

Sometimes Wrong = Right. This is one of those times.


Mike McKone  /  “Captain Joker and Miss Harley”

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What the…how in the…wuh…HOLY CRAP THAT’S AWESOME!


Star Trek Coffee Table by Barry Shields

Available at etsy for $3,100 USD. Made from ash, poplar, and cherry wood and sturdy enough to hold a Jem’Hadar or a rapidly multiplying pile of Tribbles. Liven up your house the fanboy way at unattainable Warp 10! 

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Starship Enterprise * Coffee Table

I don’t want one, I want a friend that has one.


GPOY….me and my crew edition.  Happy Halloween!

Mini-Fig * Star Trek * Costumes

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I lack the understanding needed to analyze my feelings on this.

He-Man * Pac-Man * Donkey Kong * Planet of the Apes * Star Trek

This guy is new, and is already me new favorite Tumblr.  Go follow, NOW!  He gets it like no other.


By the Power Pellets of Grayskull

Red Shirt * Fox Trot * Gingerbread

Star Trek * Zombies * Cosplay

I may have posted something similar, and considering my ever growing dislike of zombies, that’s an impressive act.  

Lego * Storm Troopers * Star Trek

There is nothing wrong here at all.



Troopers Night Out (by Paul Cook Photography)