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Baby It’s Cold Outside (Hoth Version) // by Kirby Krackle featuring The Doubleclicks

If Leia had convinced Han to stay and not go out and look for Luke, it might have gone something like this….

(via Darth Sarcasm)

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Head Like I-O

Music by Inverse Phase

Track from the NIN re-imagined album Pretty Eight Machine.

This is such a good fit. I love it.

Steampunk * Violin * Beetle

It’s spreading, people get it! ;)


Steampunk Violin Beetle by Jake Howe

A split violin was the impetus for this Naked Lunch-esque beetle violin, just presumably without the talking or hallucinatory wackiness. Jake’s Steampunk contraption features a carapace that opens and closes, as well as fully articulated legs, which can be positioned to wear on your back! Make your very own wearable steampunk violin musical instrument beetle backpack fashion plate (phew!) at instructables.

Artist: Flickr / Website



Accordion Pillow by Lisa’s Factory

Available for purchase at etsy, though sadly you will not be making real ear-gouging polka music with this nor playing backup for Weird Al (are there other instances in life you might use an accordion? I have no idea!).

Artist: blogspot (via: this is why im broke)