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Game Gear * Lego * Transformer

Seagcon?!?! I love this man so much.


At last, the evil Segacon “Gearhead” and his minions Supersonic and Knucklepunch make their debuts as the newest LEGOformers in my array of mechanized warriors!

Following in the same popular footsteps of Domaster & Tetrawing — the Game Boy & Tetris game — this brutal soldier transforms into a bulky SEGA Game Gear, and is accompanied by two Sonic games (Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Blast)! For primary weapons, Gearhead uses his battery blaster rockets attached to the shoulders, and in his left hand is a shotgun cannon powered by Chaos Emeralds! Gearhead transforms 100% without removing parts, and converts back and forth solely through bending/folding joints in his legs, arms, chest and so such.

With the hindsight of the previous LEGOformers, building this project wasn’t as difficult to engineer as expected, as I had my own previous work to reference. However, there were several challenges nonetheless. The first was making room for the games to fit in the back with the batteries simultaneously. This caused me to frequently disassemble the rear pieces and rearrange them in order to allow enough clearance for the cartridges to slide through with ease. Building the games themselves was also a challenge, and despite my best efforts, they’re a little thicker than a typical Game Gear game — and are about as thick as a Genesis cartridge. I had to sacrifice battery space yet again; I’m sure purists will scoff at the fact that this toy only fits two batteries, unlike a real Game Gear which used six AAs. Finally, the issue with the stickers/labels was a painstaking battle that took a third and final attempt to accomplish. Initially I printed custom waterslide clear decals similar to Domaster’s, but alas, they would not appear against black. Then I opted for laser printer address labels from Avery, which were a disaster. At last I discovered a little hole-in-the-wall print shop in Manhattan that printed 8.5”x11” full-page glossy sticker sheets for only $5 — so I crammed every single label graphic (with multiples) onto one big PDF sheet in Adobe Illustrator, and printed it as a master label!

I’d like to dedicate this project to Albert Cadabra, a New York City based magician and sideshow performer: thanks to his good word and connections, I’m soon going to get my own live performance art show involving assembling a giant LEGO sculpture at Ripley’s in Times Square! Also special thanks to Albert’s gorgeous gal-pal Dangrr Doll, a geeky burlesque dancer who performs a staple Sonic the Hedgehog striptease with D20 Burlesque’s “8-Bit Beauties” show!

Full unabridged photo shoot:

All projects built by me during late May to early July 2012, and photographed with my Sony camera and light tent on July 3rd, 2012.

-Baron von Brunk

P.S. - Whilst I never ask for donations, since my LEGO creations are all funded out of my own pocket, I do however ask for feedback and encouragement to keep cranking out the custom models. With that said, I’ve entered my recent LEGOformers to CUUSOO: a website where fans and creators can submit their original LEGO projects with the intention of potentially getting their work mass-marketed in stores as official LEGO toys. If an entry gains 10,000 supporters, the folks in the research & development team at LEGO will personally review the project and consider making it into a real product line! After all, how do you think the forthcoming LEGO Minecraft series got made!? Supporting requires no cash donations whatsoever, and merely involves joining, voting, and leaving feedback!