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8-Bit Ornaments

Created by Ana Petree Garcia

Available at Etsy.

NOTE: 25% of the proceeds from this item will be donated to the Red Cross organization for Hurricane Sandy Relief.

Cross-Stitch * Memes * X-mas Ornaments


Stitchmas Meme Ernamernts by STEOTCH

There’s no better way to celebrate the coming Christmas (and brace yourself: Christmas IS coming…) season than with endlessly repeated Internet memes. Relive all your favorites but in lovingly embroidered Christmas flavor. Patterns available at etsy.

Artist: FlickrWebsite

Same here, I had all of these! This is such a great concept and execution!


Darth Vader & C-3PO Sewn Vinyl sculptures by Snaggs

I had all of these as a kid, but you know, they were more action-y.

Artist: Website (via: Xombie Dirge)

Crochet * Tetris * Pillow


Crochet Tetris Block Pillow

Available for $180 USD at Geekworks.

Steampunk * Violin * Beetle

It’s spreading, people get it! ;)


Steampunk Violin Beetle by Jake Howe

A split violin was the impetus for this Naked Lunch-esque beetle violin, just presumably without the talking or hallucinatory wackiness. Jake’s Steampunk contraption features a carapace that opens and closes, as well as fully articulated legs, which can be positioned to wear on your back! Make your very own wearable steampunk violin musical instrument beetle backpack fashion plate (phew!) at instructables.

Artist: Flickr / Website

Super Mario * Clock * Spiral


doctormooMake telling time a mindblowing experience with this clock!  

Available for $24.99(USD) @Etsy

This is the most adorably utilitarian thing I have ever seen.


Pita Bread Pencil Holder by Mohar Design

Hold it right there, that pencil holder is not for putting in your mouf! Inspired by Ashtanur, a local pita bread of Jerusalem, this handy faux pita bread hides leather straps when laid out, perfect for holding all your pencils, paintbrushes, makeup, scissors, flash drives, and presumably delicious ingredients if you don’t mind the mess.

Artist: CargoCollective (via: Lost at E Minor)


Stained Glass * Clock * D20


Dicey Decor

Neat-o lamps, picture frames and ornaments available at Dicey Decor!

Ballon * Yoshi  


Balloon Yoshi

I got in line last night with all the other kids and requested “any video game character”. Pretty awesome!

Photo by pacalin

Cross-stitch * Silhouettes * Books 


Cross-stitched books by Lauren DiCioccio



Accordion Pillow by Lisa’s Factory

Available for purchase at etsy, though sadly you will not be making real ear-gouging polka music with this nor playing backup for Weird Al (are there other instances in life you might use an accordion? I have no idea!).

Artist: blogspot (via: this is why im broke)