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I hate to get political but when it comes to Batman, I’ll get political!

Cooper Union is a free university who’s Trust was badly mismanaged. Instead of filing Fraud charges and making sure someone goes to jail, they’ve decided to charge tuition instead. Bob Kane the creator of Batman went to Cooper Union. It is an amazing school that needs to be saved from mis-management! 


Off to the Races

illustration by Chris Thornley

Lego * Batman * Cosplay

Batman * Pizza * animated gif


This is how you would describe me in a gif.

Batman * Pizza * animated gif


This is how you would describe me in a gif.

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Batman * 8-bit * Cross-Stitch

Bruce Lee * John Wayne * Batman * Venn diagram 

This kind of adds up pretty well. Because Crossing Bruce Lee with John Wayne would get you darn close to Batman.


A Batman inspired diagram to celebrate […] The Dark Knight Rises

(also featured in the I Love Charts book)

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The biggest gift would be from me.


Adventure Time in Gotham

Illustrations by Drew Blank




It’s fun to learn with superheroes…

The Super Junior line is pretty much the cutest thing ever~

oh my god that’s adorable


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It’s not a mistake. It’s a batpostrophe.

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Daily Geekstomization: SuperCharlie & BatCharlie Series by WuzOne.

Do you make geeky custom designer toys? Send us some pics! And don’t forget to check out the Daily Geekstomization Archives for more freshness!

Charlie Brown * Dunny * Batman / Superman

Batman * Spiderman * Street Fighter 

Street fighter is the only way Batman could ever beat Spiderman.


Batman Vs Spider-Man, FIGHT!! by Calvin Tsang

Dr Doom * Luke Skywalker * Robocop * Batman

(Dr Doom would destroy them all, then launch the Baxter Building into space)


Three against Doom  - by Charlie Kirchoff

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Weird Al * Scooby-Doo * Batman = The Holy Trinity of Pop Culture!  (Do you want to tell Bat-Mite that he’s wrong?  Didn’t think so.)

They even spell it out for you!  Again, big props to people who make my life easy.

Batman * Lincoln * Super Mario

This is exactly the kind of amazingly crazy thing I had in mind when I started this blog.


Note From Artist: “Super Batman Lincoln Mario illustration by Robert Mangaoang A.K.A. Doom CMYK. Made with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, a WACOM tablet and digital pen. Part of the “Take 3 things and Mash it up” Series.

Super Batman Lincoln Mario - by Robert Mangaoang

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