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I made this for some friends of mine who just got married. He’s a big Nightwing fan and she’s a big Batgirl fan. Just my way of sharing the geeky love.

Lego * Batman * Wedding

I’m crying.

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Adventure Time in Gotham

Illustrations by Drew Blank

Batgirl * Cosplay * Lawn Mowing

This is so awesome.  Batgirl can mow my backyard anyday!  And I mean that quite literally, I hate mowing the lawn.


My old friend from high school asked me to help her with her college photography project. Basically, she wanted her theme to be comic book/gaming characters living normal lives and doing ‘every day things,’ such as mowing the lawn, grocery shopping, and even eating some cheese puffs. Her idea was super awesome and I immediately wanted to be a part of it. 

I was asked to do this very recently, so we had to put this whole thing together at the very last minute. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to sport a blonde wig with my Supergirl cosplay. But the idea of a redhead Supergirl isn’t so terrible…

Batgirl * Anime * Action Figure

Steampunk * Cosplay * Batgirl * Zatanna



zatanna and batgirl steampunk’d.