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GIVEAWAY - My Little Pony Fandom Stickers

To kinda celebrate the fact that I’ve put these stickers up on my new Etsy store. I’m having my first GIVEAWAY! I’m offering a seperate prize for my followers and for those who don’t.

Followers! If you reblog and win, I am offering up a set of BOTH the DR WHO pony stickers (which includes all eleven doctors, a dalek and a weeping angel) and AVENGERS pony stickers! 

That’s a total of 21 STICKERS!

For those who aren’t following me, you may pick between one of the two sets <3

All you need to do is REBLOG! (sorry likes don’t count)

Giveaway ends on 9th December 2012! 8pm Adelaide, South Australia time..

GUYS look how cute these are!! Even Doctor Who Ponies! ;~;

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from “GJ HERO” in Taiwan/Taipei Nov.10th

(via comicbookcosplay)

Cat Cosplay? Awesome!


I like a description given by rurounidrew for this post: «I have assembled the world’s greatest heroes, we WILL catch that red dot» :3

Legendary Week 2012 (Day 2):

Nick Furry / Purry from Avengers
Legendary post: Ōkami Amaterasu from Okami

Photographer: MigraineSky

I &lt;3 Deadpool!


Deadpool: The Super Avenger
Created by Frank A. Kadar 
deviantART || Facebook || Tumblr

I <3 Deadpool!


Deadpool: The Super Avenger

Created by Frank A. Kadar 

deviantART || Facebook || Tumblr




Oh captain, my captain… Captain Steve Rogers that is. Of course we would all like to snuggle up to the burling physique of our Cap, but unfortunatly that luxury only exists in a Marvel comic book. I offer you here, however, the next best thing!

This maze of Captain America goodness can be yours for £15.00

I am able to post to anywhere in the world, but postage charges will vary. Just pop something in my ask for any orders or queries.

Lucy x

Hello Kitty * Avengers * Cupcakes

Check out the Black Widow’s bow. Such detail.  TY Cake Wrecks’s Sunday Sweets.

Lego * Avengers * Movie Poaster


I LOOOOOVE the LEGO version of the Marvel’s The Avengers movie poster. Love love love.

These will be available in select movie theaters across the U.S. on May 4 while supplies last! Before you ask, no I don’t have a list of theaters and no, I don’t have any info about getting these outside the U.S.

8-Bit * Avengers * Lego