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This is completely messed up! And I keep seeming to be reblogging this one gentleman. So get a jump on my reblogs and follow him! 


Zombie Bird Feeder

You’re going to need some method of zombie disposal once the Apocalypse hits, why not feed them to the birds? Available for purchase at NeatoShop for $24.95 USD.

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Coraline * Zombie * Halloween

This is the start of the slow steady stream of Halloween reblogs.


And so it begins.
#coraline #zombie #halloween

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Zombie * Hello Kitty * Tattoo

I could have sworn this had been posted here before. Lot’s of zombie, lots of Hello Kitty, and lots of tattoo, but not all three. Odd, and fixed. I really need to go back and fix the many un-tagged posts.

Edit: added the clickthrough link to the place I found this.

Zombie * Clown * Mini-Fig


Zombie Clown! Lego Style!

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McDonald’s * Zombie * Cosplay

Deadpool * Zombie * Shark


Deadpool vs. Zombie Shark  - by Dean Kotz | deviantART

(more Deadpool)

Skeleton * Unicorn * Zombie * Farting * Rainbow = adorable


New blog post! Etsy update - more “Skeleton riding a zombie unicorn” prints and more stickers being added! Go check it out <3

Zombie * Storm Trooper * Tattoo * Jolly Roger




Zombie Stormtrooper. Win.

Spider-Man * Zombie * Cosplay

Love to the Zombie Mary Jane and the Zombie wedding aspects as well!