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Wow! A stunning #steampunk’d Ariel #TheLittleMermaid by The Artful Dodger! #Cosplay #Disney

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Steampunk * Ariel * Cosplay 

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Steampunk * Rogue * Cosplay

Steampunk * Dragon * Coffee Table

Steampunk * Supergirl * Cosplay


Steam Punk Supergirl based on the artwork by MahmudAsrar on Deviantart and inspired by the recolor done by Chris Shields

Costume Made and Modeled by Lake Fairy

Photo by Soulfire Photography

Submitted by lakefairy []

Steampunk * Violin * Beetle

It’s spreading, people get it! ;)


Steampunk Violin Beetle by Jake Howe

A split violin was the impetus for this Naked Lunch-esque beetle violin, just presumably without the talking or hallucinatory wackiness. Jake’s Steampunk contraption features a carapace that opens and closes, as well as fully articulated legs, which can be positioned to wear on your back! Make your very own wearable steampunk violin musical instrument beetle backpack fashion plate (phew!) at instructables.

Artist: Flickr / Website

Buzz Lightyear * Cosplay * Steampunk



Gas Lightyear at SDCC 2012 Steampunk Gathering (by AaronBerkovich)

This guy was AMAZING! We all lit up when we saw him at the gathering. When he asked me for a photo, I was dumbfounded because I wanted nothing more than to have a picture with him.

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Steampunk * Lady * Cthulhu


Steam Punk Lady Cthulhu by Thomas Boatwright

Who says you have stay underwater for Cthulhu Cthursday? Why not get dressed up, put on your favorite pair of aviator goggles, stretch your bat wings, lube up your tentacles and go for out for a crawl?

Artist: DeviantArt / Blogspot / Shop

Lego * Star Wars * Steampunk


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Steampunk * Kinetic Sculpture * Skull

Alice in Wonderland * Steampunk * Munny 

Rule 63 * Steampunk * Nightwing * Cosplay = Wowsers.



Photos of my Steampunk Nightwing and @bloodyhorror as Steampunk Riddler from photographer/cosplay-handler extraordinaire, Eddric Lee!

He stayed with our DC Steampunk Cosplay group all day at Comic Con and did an amazing job guiding us through the con, coordinating shoots, taking fantastic photos, and being all around awesome.

Steampunk Nightwing and Riddler

Check out more of his photos at Flickr

Nightwing nicks the Riddler's cane

Steampunk Riddler

Rule 63 Steampunk Nightwing cosplay

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Lego * Steampunk * Imperial Shuttle


Steampunk Imperial Shuttle

Created by si-mocs


Steampunk * Boba Fett * Warhol

I love people who get it, without ever even having met or heard of this blog!

Steampunk * Lego * Tie Fighter


I was looking up “steampunk” and came across this.. lol

Submitted by brosephpaul:

Ironman * Steampunk * Cosplay


Behold….Steampunk Ironman!!!

Ironman * Steampunk * Cosplay


Behold….Steampunk Ironman!!!